September 8, 2010 0

The Trek

By in Notes to Team

A couple of months back one afternoon, the three ladies (Lakshmi, Roopa & Sneha) decided to do a chai session with some girlie talk. I decided to invitee myself & gate crashed.

The discussion veered towards the last trek that we went to Valley of flowers, Hemkund Sahib & Badrinath, which obviously led to – Where next? The choice were 2 places, with the first choice being Kailash Manas-sarovar and then Gangatri Gaumukh glacier trek.

After deliberation with the potential people joining the trek, it was decided that we will pass the Kailash Manas-Sarovar trek for this year for a couple of reasons and decided to look at the Gangotri trek.

The first count was 14 people for whom the bookings was done. Then Prasanna was coxed to join this… Shyam changed his mind in the last minute and then the last addition is Shreedar.

Here we are 17 of us in this trek.