September 6, 2010 0

Moral of Shiva Ganga (+ DayPack list)

By in Pre-trek Notes

Shiva Ganga trek (on Sun 5th Sept 2010) was my first test trek prior to the BIG Gangotri Trek, while others were on their 4th possibly 5th trial trek. It was 2.5 km climb and felt like 6.5 km!

The climb up and down was not very difficult although there were stretches of steep climb. I am attributing it to the recent bout of practice runs and walks. I also noticed that all the 11 folks did brilliantly and were sufficiently prepared. There was enough time to enjoy the beauty of the jungle myna and the common shivaganaga goat ;) . Look out at the industrial sheds and seek for the outline of Savana Durga (). We have good shoes, which grabbed the ground just fine, so not much slip and thankfully no sprained ankles. I was able to carry a watterbottle + some small items in a bag and survived the weight. As there were only slight ups and downs in temperature I didn’t regret the decision of not carrying a warm jacket.

Based on this experience, Mamu and I duly noted, our day-bags for Gangotri need to contain

1. a bottle of water
2. small medicines like pain killers,
3. A camera
4. Small snack / biscuit packet, energy bars / chocolates, glucose
5. A jacket if weather gets too cold
6. A raincoat if weather gets too wet
7. Sunscreen
8. Hand Sanitizer
9. Small towel/ napkin
10. Woollen gloves/ mittens and cap
11. Sun Glasses

I think that should suffice for my daypack. Any thoughts?

MORAL of Shiva Ganga Trek:
Practice helped but keep pushing: At Gangotri, we will be doing this trek X 6 and we have to keep at it 4 days in a row.

- Cheers, Sneha