September 8, 2010 0

final countdown?

By in Notes to Team

What started as a wish list to conquer more landscapes in our beautiful country is now close to reality. The countdown has begun and as the day to depart gets closer, so do the sounds in my head and stomach get louder wondering why i committed myself to what today looks like the “road not taken” by any of us. While everyone has been preparing to get “super fit” by walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, strolling and what not there have also been discussions to conquer the mind of any sort of anxiousness and fear lurking before we leave.

i am looking forward to this trek (have been corrected multiple times not to call this a “trip”) and get on a journey that will be memorable in the many years to come. Never before have i prepared this much and exchanged as many emails before leaving. We meet this weekend to take a final stock and wish each other the best of times ahead.

We met an elderly gentleman on one of our earlier trips and this is what he had to say
“In life four things were very important to travel; time, money, energy and friends (not in any particular order). At any point of time in our lives we lack one or the other. When you are a student, there is a desire to eat two masala dosas, but the pocket allows you only one. When you start working, we do not have the time to take off and visit the faraway lands. And when we think we have made money, we do not have friends (they are doing other things). And finally when friends do return, we are too old and lack the energy to do anything”.

So, enjoy every minute of the journey and the greatness of the Himalayas that is forever mystical and has a grandeur that matches nothing close to imagination.

Jai Ganga Ma!