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Cut nails

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‘Cut nails and don’t be a weakling’ – unforgettable email-signature of a mad mad designer I knew 10years ago!

Won’t be back for a fortnight – best cut nails tonight. :)

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What To Do In An Emergency Whilst Walking

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What To Do In An Emergency Whilst Walking
Walking and trekking are enjoyable past-times with proven benefits for your health. There is, however, a small risk of accident and injury associated with walking even on relatively easy ground. An inadvertant trip can lead to a stumble, which could entrain a broken bone or head injury. Walkers need to be aware of these risks and accept them, and be responsible for their own actions. It is for this reason that everyone should know the basics of what to do in the event of an accident.
If there is an accident, follow these basic rules.
Assess the injury and prevent a further accident
Do not risk your life to access the person if they have fallen to a dangerous spot. If you cannot get to them, descend directly to get help. If access is possible, make sure that you and the injured person are not at risk of a further fall or if possible are not in the line of falling stones. Assess the person’s injury. Judge whether they can move by themselves, whether there appears to be anything broken etc.
Undertaking a first aid course is the best way of being able to treat injuries with a degree of certainty. In any case there are a few basic principles that will help. If there is excessive bleeding apply pressure with clothing to the cut. Do not remove any objects embedded in an injury. If the injury is serious, for example badly cut head or arm, make sure the person is lying or sitting down. Movement will only aggravate the bleeding. If there are serious head injuries keep the head immobilised as movement could lead to complications. The injured person is likely to suffer shock which can lead to them becoming cold. Make sure they are adequately covered and have water to drink.
Assess your location
If the person cannot be moved you will need to tell the emergency services where they can find the injured person. Use your detailed walking map to assess your exact location and grid reference number. Make a note of any features such as hills, trees, fences, cliffs etc that will help locate the injured person or may present a danger to the emergency services.
Getting help
How easy it is to get help will depend on where you are. Remember to turn off your phone whilst walking so that you do not run out of batteries when you need it. When you contact emergency services, report the nature of the accident, the nature of the injuries, whether they are alone and the grid reference where they are situated.
Bright clothing is good for attracting attention. If the situation warrants leave someone to care for the injured person if possible and the other can go and get help. However, make sure the person left behind and going for help has adequate resources (clothing, food and water).

We plan to carry a BSNL Number which will be circulated to all shortly apart from the local emergency numbers.
Attracting help
If you are trying to attract the attention of the emergency services, then you should know the signals which indicates that you need help. The international mountain distress signals are six blasts on a whistle and flashes with a torch after dark spaced evenly for one minute followed by a minute’s pause. Repeat as necessary. The response is three signals per minute followed by a minutes’s pause. If you are signaling to an incoming helicopter – then raising both hands above the head in a V indicates that help’s required. One arm raised upwards and the other down by the body indicates that help is not required.
(Disclaimers: From the big world of web – with insertions/edits by me)

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When the walking GETS TOUGH – Mind

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When the walking GETS TOUGH-  Mind

It happens to all of us, no matter how fit we like to think we are. Your muscles feel tired, you’re fed up and wondering what the hell you’re doing here, or regretting ever having agreed to your friend’s idea to the trek! Well, here are a few pointers on how to help you overcome that difficult patch and bask in the fulfillment of a walk or trek well done. The advice generally falls into two categories: those that will make a physiological difference to your body and those things that we could best describe as mind over matter.

Find a walking pace that’s right for you: It may sound obvious, but to the less experienced it’s sometimes difficult to know how fast a walking pace to adopt. If you’re with others, you’ll be tempted to try and keep up even if it means you’re walking at your limit. Don’t do this, as you’ll soon run out of energy and motivation. Try and find a walking pace that you think you can maintain for at least 20 minutes at a time. You’ll enjoy your walking experience more which in turn motivates you to continue. Remember to have a longer break every 90 minutes or so to fully recuperate and eat some snacks.

Walking fit: Ever thought you were fitter than you seem to be or vice versa that friends who go to the gym every week, don’t seem so fit once they’re out on the trail. Each sport requires a different sort of physical effort and uses different muscle groups. This isn’t meant to discourage you from doing different types of sport, but if you’re going to be going on a walking trek, especially a long trek, the best preparation is always walking. Walking requires stamina and perseverance. By going out walking on a regular basis you can build up your distances gradually, preparing both your body and your mind for the trek ahead. This also reduces the element of the unknown. Once on the walking trek, if you then become confronted by a difficult period you are better able to say to yourself, “well I know I can do this, so just keep going.”

Set small goals: Some walks and treks include large climbs, which sometimes never seem to end. If you compare your progress with the overall goal, you’ll often be disappointed and therefore become demotivated. Choose smaller, intermediate targets as places to rest for a minute or somewhere to stop for water.

Drink regularly: Your body needs fuel to keep going. Eat small high energy snacks and drink regularly. When we are dehydrated we feel tired. The best way of maintaining a steady intake of water is to use a hands free water bottle (Hydration Sac – Available @ Wildcraft/Adventure works etc) where a tube and a bite valve allows you to drink as you’re walking along. Alternatively you can stop and ‘Drink with a View in my company’.

Distract yourself: The hardest part about overcoming a difficult part of a walk is trying not to think about how tired or fed up we are. If we’re not careful, negative thoughts can seem all invasive. What you need to do is to take your mind off it, just like with anything negative.
If you have company, have a conversation about something interesting that takes you away from your immediate surroundings. You could talk about anything under the sun whilst surrounded by beautiful Himalayan peaks, with your friends. If the conversation runs dry, then a music from, mp3 player, Ipod or whatever is the method for listening to music is a great way to distract yourself. It also gives your favourite songs a new lift. You can’t beat great music and great surroundings.
Last but not the least, Safety in numbers: It is always safer to set out as a party of at least three-four. This is especially so if you are not an experienced walker. So give us the joy of your company and let’s take a hike, along the way, have some good fun ! J

(Disclaimers: From the big world of web – with insertions/edits by me)

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How to use your new treking shoes

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Raining crazy in Bangalore

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I hope it doesn’t where we are headed.

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Here are videos on Ganga, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Bhojwasa, Gangotri to Gaumukh, Gaumukh Glacier, Gaumukh to Tapovan, Tapovan Valley. 

Fascinating – Take a look (Use the 2nd button on the left-bottom to navigate)

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The Ganga stotram

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Devi Sureshwari Bhagavati Gange
Tribhuvana Taarini Tarala Tarange
Shankara Mouli Vihaarini Vimale
Mama Matiraastaam Tava Pada Kamale
Oh Goddess Ganga ! You are the divine river from heaven
You are the saviour of all the three worlds
You are pure and restless
You adorn Lord Shiva’s head
Oh Mother ! May my mind always rest at Thy lotus feet

Bhaagiirathi Sukha Daayini Maatah
Stava Jala Mahimaa Nigame Khyaatah
Naaham Jaane Tava Mahimaanam
Paahi Kripaamayi Maamajnam

Oh Mother Bhagirathi ! You grant happiness to everyone
The significance of your holy waters is glorified in the sacred Vedas
I’m ignorant and fail to comprehend your importance
Oh Devi ! You are full of mercy, please protect me

Hari pada paadya tarangini gange
Hima vidhu muktaa dhavala tarange
Durikuru mama dushkriti bhaaram
Kuru kripaya bhavasaagara paaram

Oh Devi ! your waters are sacred as the “charnaamrit” of Sri Hari
Your waves are white like the snow, moon, and pearls
Please wash away my sins and help me cross the ocean of mundane existance

Tava jalam amalam yena nipitam
Parama padam khalu tena grhitam
Maatar gange twayi yo bhaktah kila
Tam drashtum na yamah shaktah

Oh Mother ! those who partake of your pure waters, definitely attains the highest state
Oh Goddess Ganga ! Yama the Lord of Death cannot harm your devotees
Patitodhaarini jahnavi gange
Khandita giri vara mandita bhange
Bhîshma janani khalu muni vara kanye
Patita nivârini tri bhuvana dhanye

Oh Jahnavi ! Your waters flowing through the Himalayas make you even more beautiful.You are Bhisma’s mother and sage Jahnu’s daughter, You are the Saviour of people fallen from their paths and so you are revered in all three worlds.

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Some Gangotri Travelogues

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A Gaumukh travelogue in two parts by Mr. Singhal with many pictures.
At Gaumukh itself it looks to be very cold, while on the way or at the beginning a bit warmer.


Yet another multipage travelogue -Gangotri 7, 8, 9, 10 is of interest to us.
This chappie tuned back mid way though.

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Trek Itinerary

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Finally its happening (subject to Force Majuro / acts of nature)… with the mother nature in a foul mood, going ahead with this trek praying that she will take care of us and lead us to the paradise by holding us close in her hands

  1. Depart on 17th evening by Jet light flight at 2055 hrs
  2. Reach Delhi Airport by 2330 hrs and o/n stay @ Delhi airport
  3. Depart on 18th morning 0635 hrs by Shatabdi to Haridwar
  4. Arrival @ Haridwar by 1130 hrs and depart to Uttarkashi
  5. o/n stay @ Uttarkashi (180 kms driving time 8 hrs)
  6. on 19th Morning @ 0630 hrs depart to Gangotri (90 kms 4 hrs drive time)
  7. On arrival do some acclimatisation at Gangotri and also visit the temple there
  8. on 20th morning depart by 6.00 am to Bojwasa and start the actual trek which would be around 14kms
  9. on 21st Trek to Tapovan via Gaumukh
  10. on 22nd trek from Tapovan to Nandanvan
  11. on 23rd Trek back from Nandanvan to Bhojwasa
  12. on 24th Trek back to Gangotri from Bhojwasa & o/n at Harsil
  13. on 25th Drive down from Gangotri to Haridwar
  14. on 26th depart to Delhi by 0615 hrs by Jan Shatabdi and arrival at Delhi by 1130 hrs
  15. Shopping till evening
  16. Depart to Bangalore by jet light evening flight at 1755 hrs

Hoping the best from the mother nature…

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The Trek

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A couple of months back one afternoon, the three ladies (Lakshmi, Roopa & Sneha) decided to do a chai session with some girlie talk. I decided to invitee myself & gate crashed.

The discussion veered towards the last trek that we went to Valley of flowers, Hemkund Sahib & Badrinath, which obviously led to – Where next? The choice were 2 places, with the first choice being Kailash Manas-sarovar and then Gangatri Gaumukh glacier trek.

After deliberation with the potential people joining the trek, it was decided that we will pass the Kailash Manas-Sarovar trek for this year for a couple of reasons and decided to look at the Gangotri trek.

The first count was 14 people for whom the bookings was done. Then Prasanna was coxed to join this… Shyam changed his mind in the last minute and then the last addition is Shreedar.

Here we are 17 of us in this trek.

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The Trekkers

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Here is the list of trekkers

  1. Geetha Subramanian (Chennai, Technical Writer)
  2. Jayaram Jahgirdar (Bangalore, Stock Broker)
  3. Padmashree Jayaram (Bangalore, HR Specialist)
  4. Shrikant Joshi (Bangalore, Entrepreneur)
  5. Shreedara Hegde (Bangalore)
  6. Roopa Sankaran (Bangalore, Technologist)
  7. Karthik Subbaramaiah (Bangalore, The Jack)
  8. Lakshmi Srinivasan (Bangalore, Technical Writer)
  9. Vinay Thimappa (Bangalore, Software Engineer)
  10. Ishwarya Seshgiri (Bangalore, Homemaker)
  11. Shrish Iyenger (Bangalore, Educationist)
  12. Prasanna Hegde (Bangalore, Controller) & Treasurer for this trek
  13. Kumar Subbaramaiah (Bangalore, Chip designer)
  14. Prashant Kota (Bangalore, Programmer)
  15. Jyothi M (Bangalore, Programmer)
  16. Shyam Narayanan (Bangalore, Industrial Design specialist)
  17. Sneha Lakshman (Bangalore, Visual Design Specialist)

So team, go-ahead write something about yourselves under Profile Section & dont forget to put up your mugshots!

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final countdown?

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What started as a wish list to conquer more landscapes in our beautiful country is now close to reality. The countdown has begun and as the day to depart gets closer, so do the sounds in my head and stomach get louder wondering why i committed myself to what today looks like the “road not taken” by any of us. While everyone has been preparing to get “super fit” by walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, strolling and what not there have also been discussions to conquer the mind of any sort of anxiousness and fear lurking before we leave.

i am looking forward to this trek (have been corrected multiple times not to call this a “trip”) and get on a journey that will be memorable in the many years to come. Never before have i prepared this much and exchanged as many emails before leaving. We meet this weekend to take a final stock and wish each other the best of times ahead.

We met an elderly gentleman on one of our earlier trips and this is what he had to say
“In life four things were very important to travel; time, money, energy and friends (not in any particular order). At any point of time in our lives we lack one or the other. When you are a student, there is a desire to eat two masala dosas, but the pocket allows you only one. When you start working, we do not have the time to take off and visit the faraway lands. And when we think we have made money, we do not have friends (they are doing other things). And finally when friends do return, we are too old and lack the energy to do anything”.

So, enjoy every minute of the journey and the greatness of the Himalayas that is forever mystical and has a grandeur that matches nothing close to imagination.

Jai Ganga Ma!

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FlashBack: Suggestions, Packing Tips & Must Dos from Valley Of Flowers trek

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Courtesy Lakshmi, I dug these VOF 2008 notes out of my archives.  Here are somethings that may help. These were written within the fortnight of the return. Read the rest of this entry »

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Countdown Begins!

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10 days to go!

10 days to go

September 7, 2010 3

weather @ Gangotri

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Hi All,

check this link to get weather updates during September 2010.


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Moral of Shiva Ganga (+ DayPack list)

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Shiva Ganga trek (on Sun 5th Sept 2010) was my first test trek prior to the BIG Gangotri Trek, while others were on their 4th possibly 5th trial trek. It was 2.5 km climb and felt like 6.5 km!

The climb up and down was not very difficult although there were stretches of steep climb. I am attributing it to the Read the rest of this entry »

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Shiva Ganga Trek

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11 of us -started for Shivaganga on Sunday around 5.30 AM. Its about 60 odd kms from Bangalore and we caught some breakfast on the way at Kamat. On the way we were ‘toll gated’ by asks for donations for Ganesha Puja. BTW – was carring no camera – so all others do donate / put up your pictures soon! To reminecience, go down to the first link with pictures at the end of the post.
Read the rest of this entry »

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About Us

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Dear Friends

Thanks to the idea of Sneha seconded by the seasoned blogger (VKT), here is the blog to start with.

Would request all of you to register yourself as members of the blog and would need you to do the following

1. Write a small introduction about yourself?

2. What was your trigger point / motivation for this trek

3. what are you looking forward from this trek

4. Any other additional info

5. Add to the blog roll your personal blogs

Wishing you all a good trek & blogging time


September 2, 2010 2

Hello world!

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Heya crowd!
Here is our Gangotri Site. For now it is at this URL – we can always point this to an URL if we purchase it later.

Please register. Go ahead and add all your notes, todo lists, preparation details, shopping details… Feel free to upload books and videos too. ;)

- Sneha